Struan Baptie Property Management – Placement Experience By Rachael Farnaby

During my third year of University I was given the opportunity to fulfil a placement as part of one of my modules. I decided that I would like to choose a property management company and since completing the 10 week programme, I am glad that I did. The purpose of the placement is to give students an insight and understanding of the employability skills required once we graduate from University.

Throughout my time at Struan Baptie I was given many different tasks and allowed to shadow employees to enhance my learning. The first couple of weeks were primarily spent in the office, learning how the business operates. I was shown how to create a lease, how to advertise properties that have become available and how their filing system works. This was essential to building a foundation for me to grasp how these important tasks are to keep everything running smoothly for clients. In the following weeks I was able to shadow both Struan and Craig whilst doing checkouts, inventories and taking pictures of properties for advertising. I enjoyed this the most. Visiting the properties that they managed and seeing the work that goes into maintaining and advertising properties gave me an understanding of the workload they undertake.

Struan Baptie is a very reputable property management company and I can see why. They strive to put client’s needs first and dealt with everything in a timely manner. Placement with them has allowed me to utilise skills I have learned in the classroom in an actual working environment. As clients came into the office, I was able to develop my customer service skills which was beneficial to me.

I was very lucky to have been paired with Struan Baptie Property Management for my placement as I felt they were both very professional but also went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. If I had any queries I didn’t hesitate to ask and anything I wanted to learn they were more than happy to show this to me. I would just like to say a big thank you to Struan and his team for everything they have done for me over the past ten weeks, they have made my experience very memorable.

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Coronavirus Update from Struan Baptie Property Management Ltd

As you will be aware we are in the midst of an outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19. The Scottish Government has recommended that businesses take steps to allow its staff to work from home to reduce personal contact and to help reduce the spread of the virus.

We do not wish to take any risks with the health and wellbeing of our team and to that end, we are allowing staff to work from home. This will have some implications on our business for all our clients and tenants.

If you have a general enquiry please email contact@sb-pm.co.uk or if your query is in regards to rent please email melissa@sb-pm.co.uk

Of course if you know the email address of the person you wish to get in touch with, please email them directly. If you have the direct dial number of the team member you wish to speak to, this will forward to that person’s mobile phone. We urge you to communicate by email in the first instance. It will most likely be answered more quickly.

We aim to remain fully operational throughout this period. Rent processing will continue as normal and we will continue to deal with emergency repairs and maintenance and all aspects of property management. Routine property inspections, viewings and new tenancy agreements during this period will be postponed to a future date.

I trust that you understand why these precautions are necessary and appreciate your support.
Kind Regards,

Struan Baptie