Tenants – FAQs

We wanted to provide you with some answers to the questions we are asked most frequently by our tenants. If you have any further questions about renting with us, we would be happy to speak with you on the phone. Each question is answered by Struan Baptie himself.

Why should I rent with Struan Baptie Property Management?

A.As a letting agency we work hard to give a personal service to the tenant, to be accessible, to do viewings, whether it's out of hours, nights, at weekends. To make sure all the repairs are done. A common bugbear for tenants are letting agents that, repairs are reported and nobody ever comes back, or it's left for three or four days. We use contractors that are trusted and decent guys, who will go out quickly to do repairs. We just want to give a service, and to make sure everything is looked after, and we keep you posted. If there is a delay with a repair we then work hard to let you know what's happening and what's going on. We never access your property unless you have given us permission to do so. We just treat tenants with respect, which a lot of tenants find, it doesn't happen elsewhere.

Do I need to pay a deposit? If so, where will my deposit be held throughout my tenancy?

A.Yes, for any tenancy agreement a deposit is required. We lodge all deposits with SafeDeposits Scotland, they then write back to the tenant within 14 days to say that they have their deposit, that it's lodged with them safely. Then, that's checked at the end of the tenancy against the check it report to see if there's any deductions to come off, but it's lodged safe with them.

Do you notify the council and utility suppliers when a new tenancy begins?

A.Yes, when a new tenancy begins we will write to the council tax to state the name of the tenant, what date they're moving in, and whether the property is vacant or unfurnished. We also notify the gas and electricity companies as well. We've just started using a new company called Just Move In, and they're a concierge company, a free service to the tenants and landlords. They, again, notify the council tax, the gas, the electricity. They help tenants with broadband, with the internet connection. It's a stressful time for tenants moving, it's an excellent service for them to have. We help any way we can.

Do you accept housing benefit tenants?

A.Yes, we do accept housing benefit tenants. We work with the Dundee City Council Homefinder Service. This is a part of Dundee City Council's Private Sector Services department, and they help tenants come to us and find suitable accommodation. They put the deposit up for the tenant, and then arrange for all of the bank payments to be paid from the council, or from the tenant across to us directly as letting agents.

Am I allowed to decorate my rental property?

A.Yes, you are, as long as it's been agreed with the landlord. Landlords are usually okay about a tenant decorating the property if it's done professionally or to a good standard, and if light colors are used, magnolia, creams, whites. Yes, you are.

Am I allowed pets in the property?

A.In most cases landlords don't want pets in the rental property, however, there are some, if it's a small pet, or small dog or a cat, and possibly the tenants are retired, where the landlords will accept a pet in the property. You'll usually find that the landlords want a higher deposit to cover any potential damage that the pet may cause, but yeah, every property is different, every landlord is different.
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