Why choose SB-PM?

Why choose us? A question we are asked on a regular basis by potential clients.

What makes us different to all the other agents in town? Is it our personal service? Our passion for the business? How we strive to give each and every client a service second to none?

They are, but only a few answers to why you should use Struan Baptie Property Management for your property investment.

We recently submitted a Client Questionnaire which we distributed out to our current clients. We wanted to find out if there was anything, regardless how small, we could do to make the business even better. The response we received still means our heads are slightly bigger than they should be but we did also receive suggestions on what else we could do to make our service even better.

We didn’t want glowing reports from every client, that was not the purpose of the exercise. We are all human and nothing in life or business can always be perfect.

There are times we make mistakes, there are occasions  we don’t get things 100% right. But what we do to correct those errors, I believe, separates us from the competition in this industry.

We are a small team, we all work great together, you could say it feels like an extended family. Families stick together through thick and thin and thats why I believe people come to us. Although we are here to essentially make money, spend 5 minutes in our office and you’ll see that we love our jobs and we care about the business and all that is involved.

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