Tenants – How to replace the battery in your smoke alarm

Smoke Alarms

You should regularly check them during your tenancy to make sure they are working.

Tenants should take responsibility for their own safety and test all alarms regularly to make sure they are in working order. Testing monthly is generally considered an appropriate  frequency for smoke alarms so you should diarise to carry this out. A general test would be pressing the test button on the alarm but you can also purchase specialised smoke sprays to test the alarm sounds correctly if you wish.

If your smoke alarm is not working or bleeping, you should report it to your landlord or agent immediately.

If you find that the alarm is not working, then your first stop should be to try to replace the batteries in the first instance, this would be your responsibility as a tenant. If replacing the batteries doesn’t work, then it is also your responsibility as a tenant to report it to your landlord or agent in order for them to obtain a replacement. If the alarm is bleeping, report this to the relevant people, do not just take the batteries out and forget about it, it’s your safety that could be at risk.

Please click on the link below on how to safely replace the battery in your smoke alarm:-

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