Letting Agency Registration

Who needs to register

If you do letting agency work in Scotland you are required by law to comply with a Letting Agent Code of Practice and to join a Register of Letting Agents.

The Register of Letting Agents is a list run by Scottish Ministers that makes sure every letting agent is suitable to do the job and has met minimum training requirements.

Registration requires evidence that everyone in our business (who needs to) has the relevant qualification covering the essential aspects of residential letting.

The Letting Agent Code of Practice is being introduced with the intention of protecting landlords and tenants and eradicating poor quality housing. It states that it will “help raise standards (where this is needed), and help build a more effective private rented sector that meets the needs of tenants, landlords and letting agents”

It will be a criminal offence to carry out letting agency work in Scotland if you are not on the register – with the possibility of fines of up to £50,000 and prison sentences of up to six months for those convicted.

At the moment, Struan Baptie Property Management Ltd are currently working hard to gain the relevant qualifications and as soon as we have obtained our certificates, we will register with the Register of Letting Agents.

“I must admit I was a bit concerened with the prospect of going back to study! Although, I felt confident in my ability and knowledge in the business, the training has been a huge benefit and I have learned so much more and in turn, have been able to pass this information on to my colleagues.” (Louise Todd – Office Manager)



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